DDC – Draconic Prophecies 4

Here we are again, with another few cryptic odds and ends for what’s upcoming and has been ongoing in the current campaign – plus notes when the events highlighted have come to pass. I go back to these passages to update the blog posts when that happens – and there will certainly be a run on these as the current arc completes. I’m also going to post up some of the encounter maps we’ve used for free use by people should they want them.

Blood dreams chased are ended in screams, and barred doors found to be open. All the capering demons fall under the watchful eye’s watch.

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 1026, chapter 11, verses 12-13

This is pretty much where the last couple of sessions have been – the blood dream refers to the Deathkiss in the garden which is the remnant of a beholder’s nightmares of blood loss, and which acted as the guard dog in the garden before the gates. The Hold gates which might have appeared to be barred were in fact not secured at all, so that Thorin could open them and bring his allies in with him. The capering demons refers to the horde of dolgrims and their dolgaunt leaders who thronged the main courtyard in defence of the Hold. The watchful eye is an unearthly appearing 20-foot-wide eye in the centre of the courtyard that projects an anti-magic ray at the entrance. Its presence forced some big tactic changes for the group.

When the heir to Amber proclaims his oath, the new dawn shall rise beneath the halls. Winter’s breath abated for now as the moons drift on their paths.

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 671, chapter 5, verses 1-2

A fairly straightforward call out to the endgame outcomes here. More detail as we get there.

A point of decision splits the path: to save or to slay. Two paths to one throne; but with regret comes truth to all. One who has fallen may yet rescue the one who climbs.

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 800, chapter 1, verses 1-3

More than a little foreshadowing here on the themes of the story and the resolution of Thorin and Karkanna’s relationship.