Map – Abandoned Riverside Hut

I’ve been using Dungeon Alchemist since backing it as a Kickstarter and then editing in Roll20 once I’ve imported it there – it helps automate a lot of scenery and placement of items when I’m not particularly fussed about the details or if I’m looking for inspiration for an encounter. The software is available through Steam and had some interesting updates recently allowing you to import Heroforge counters and walk around in first person around in the maps when generated – I’ll be watching that with interest.

This map was quickly spammed up to have a generic outdoors encounter space – and in the end I used it as a camp location while the group was travelling to Amberhammer Hold. Its where Caeluma learned it was their birthday and where their celestial patron manifested briefly to help celebrate.

The map was generated with a semi 3D perspective to make it pop a bit better – and as Dungeon Alchemist is aimed at producing maps for export to virtual tabletops it also produced a lighting map for Dynamic Lighting. As an outdoor scene set at dusk, I wasn’t so worried about light levels, but I’ll include the text file to download if anyone wants it

Have fun – the original jpg and text file are in this zipfile: Loggers Hut Pack