Map – Mountain Camp

I’ve not played with Inkarnate for a while, so thought I’d have a play yesterday with their watercolour palette and stamps to start making some simple reusable maps. I’ll include a link to the published Inkarnate map which has the stamps as layers so that you can clone it and customise the original for your own needs.

Green and brown coloured overhead map with blue-watered stream flowing around a central island. Smaller islets are in the stream and there are markers for bushes dotted across the map, Five tents of different colours and sizes surround a campfire
Made with

I mostly made this up to have a default map for the DDC if they flee their current encounter and need somewhere to rest up – to that end there’s a tent for each character around the campfire. The idea is that the sparsely grassed islet and the banks around it are tucked away in a hidden dip in the mountains with a stream rushing around the raised area.

If you’re an Inkarnate user, here’s the link to the published map –

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