Map – Village Edge

I made this in Dungeon Alchemist a few months ago as a test piece – wanting a simple encounter map among fields at the edge of a village. A small bridge over a stream can act as a focal point for people arriving at, or leaving, a location. There’s plenty of fences and items for cover for ambushes. There’s trees and shrubs and terrain height differences to play with (or ignore) – and the time of day is set in this sample to sunset. I’ll post a file below with the original file and text file for light sources.

Roll20 have an API for importing files from Dungeon Alchemy that can be set to run so that you don’t need to manually set the map size. Simply upload the graphic and set it to the background/map level and then copy and paste the text file into the chat input box. The map is then resized appropriately, and you’re set up for Dynamic Lighting if you use it.

And here’s the zipped file for download:

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