DDC – Draconic Prophecies 5

Just ahead of tonight’s game, here’s some more cryptic mutterings from the dragons of Eberron:

Not all who watch, command. Nor do all those who are quiet, obey. When the Dragons Below strive for the skies, then all is reversed in the end.

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 812, verses 1-3

A general comment on the relationship between Mind Flayers and Beholders in Eberron. In other worlds it might be expected that there be a more antagonistic relationship or that the Beholder would be in charge, but as creatures of Xoriat (the realm of madness), the mind flayers are in the ascendant and use beholders as living weapons platforms.

If the Heir calls, the tribe will answer. If the Heir falls, then Winter’s reign starts. The threads of fate weave loose until they meet the loom

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 903, verses 18-end

In general terms this is a reminder that others of the Clan Amber-Hammer still live and could be called upon to help. In addition nothing is written in stone and although I as the GM have a broad idea of how it will all play out, the actual details and outcome rely entirely on the players and their characters.

With flashing eyes and fanged mouth, comes the Doom of the stone-breakers. With hateful dreams are watchful nightmares born, to blight the lands above

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 490, verses 3-4

This absolutely refers to the Beholder revealed to be the powerhouse of the coup at Clan Amberhammer. With the many spell-like effects it can create from its eyes and the massive fanged maw that dominates its face beneath the huge central eye, this creature is a killing machine under the control of the mind flayers. The other eye-themed creatures encountered to date have all manifested from its dreams as its very presence destabilises the already thinning reality at the Hold as a Xoriat Manifest zone begins to coalesce.

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