Map – Small Park

Today’s map is another Dungeon Alchemy-created piece suitable for a small encounter – there’s a covered entrance gate, or possibly a lichgate and a general selection of benches, fountains, formal planting and flowering bushes that can provide environmental cover and obstacles. I tend to use the empty space around these maps to hold tokens that aren’t yet visible – for ambushes or sudden manifestations

Overhead, map view of a small formal garden with benches, fountains, trees, and flowering bushes. A covered gate is at the bottom of the map as viewed, and there is a plain border around the map to provide space for the three-dimensional tree heights

The zip file below contains both the graphic and the light-source and sizing information for Roll20 virtual tabletops. Upload the map and make sure that it is on the map level before cutting and pasting the text file contents into the chat input box. You’ll need to have the Dungeon Alchemy API running to make this work, but it will then automatically size the map and support Dynamic Lighting. Have fun!

Here’s the zipfile – Small

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