DDC – Draconic Prophecies 8

More cryptic musings from the minds of the dragons of Eberron – and hints of themes and events on the horizon. As ever, as we get to things these could be about I’ll update this entry with what happened in game.

The Axe of the Stone breakers shall smite the plans of Winter – though who can tell where long steps lead? Sweet victory and sorrow, though none can tell the balance while hags plot and plans bubble.

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 142, verses 7-8

A reference to this arc’s end game, and the stakes and decisions to be weighed. The reunited Amberhammer clan fought through and defeated the Daelkyr plan to release the powers of the Winter’s Knight across the centre of Khorvaire. The long steps referred to the portal that was opening and linking to the far-off lands of ice, but also references the earlier plot to create and distribute a drug that would make addicts more susceptible to the powers of the fey. Victory didn’t come without loss – in particular the Doom of Killiklik as their stone body fell through the portal. Meanwhile Faye Hagsworn’s work with Kerne brought about a cure for lycanthropy, but leaves the wider plans of the hags unresolved.

If the moons’ dark passing sees not the path to EverIce, then Xoriat’s grip fails and Khyber’s coils shift in humiliation

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 105, verse 10

The conjunction saw the portal broken and the driving off or slaying of the forces aligned with that of the Daelkyr. Those duergar who fled into the mines to return below would have taken news of a major defeat to the cults of the Dragon Below.

Words scribbled may gain response, but who are the writers and who the readers? Joy unbridled or fear regained may all hinge on a single lie

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 901, verses 2-3

This refers to the correspondance between Kerne and their sister Faye as they worked to produce an alchemical cure for the lycanthropic curse afflicting the dwarves as well as some of the DDC. Hard risks had to be taken with untested potions and a confused Valenia took the first dose, perhaps unaware of just how untried it actually was.