New Sourcebook? Oh Go On

The world of Eberron, in which our D&D games are set is the brainchild of Keith Baker, and he’s been involved through the various reboots in different editions of the game but has had limited opportunity to expand published materials.

By way of various shenanigans a route to publish through the DMs Guild was arranged, and a companion book to Rising From The Ashes has been produced in the form of Exploring Eberron.

New Sourcebook, Much Reading

After merely hours of dipping in, I can recommend this to anyone running games in Eberron as it adds depth to the materials presented in the core 5th Edition book. Needless to say, this has arrived just in time as I plot the next section of the game. It has already spawned ideas for future stories with the group.

More importantly, it has clarified things I’ve not quite got my head around before now.

So at least I have something new to peruse while propped up chasing sleep. I’m counting it as a reward to myself for how much the group is enjoying the game.

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