Breaking For Christmas

I’ve used the last of my leave to grab a few days either side of Christmas and Boxing Day, starting this evening. As Lady M is working we’re not going anywhere but I’ll be able to potter around and catch up with people – and most importantly to rest.

The discomfort from my ribs is quite substantial at the moment; and even with my generally ferocious recovery rates, I’m having to pace myself. A trip to tesco this evening has been very draining, in no small part because it’s reminded me that there’s a world of difference between the shallow breathing I can do at home versus the deeper breathing required to walk and talk and carry anything.

Rib fractures: they’re not just for Christmas.

I guess the fates found another way to keep me sleep-deprived now the vitamin supplements have been working. Oh well. At least I’ll be able to lie in or cat nap for a bit.