Return of the DDC

For some reason we had pretty much every possible technical difficulty under the sun – and yet we succeeded in having and streaming a new session. We picked up on the activities of the DDC after a break – for them – of three months. This purely by chance nearly matches the real world difference in time but then we’ve all been busy. A new map of the Amberhammer Hold was made and updated… and nearly crashed everyone’s machines – so I’ll need to get on to photoshop this week and play around with resolutions to reduce the file size. Fortunately we won’t need to use it often, but it would be nice to have it as a framing device for quiet moments.

So – what had everyone been up to?

Sepia-toned fantasy map showing a mountainous area with various rivers and lakes. A shield-like icon in the middle is designated as AmberHammer Hold. Various other markings suggest other landmarks, but are not labelled
The AmberHammer lands – Made with

The newly-installed Lord Thorin Amberhammer had been busy organising patrols and the defences of his lands – as well as welcoming delegates from various Dragonmarked Houses with an eye to business opportunities. Being placed on the Aundair/Breland borders puts the AmberHammer Hold in a useful position for many traders. Thorin was particularly pleased to close a deal with House Lyrandar to rent them space for a small skyship dock that traders could use.

Arwan had devoted time to setting up a school and to helping heal and look after people in Flower Town. While not a confident speaker, his actions in The Reclamation (as some are calling it) and his humble life have brought him acceptance and at least nodding acquaintance with many of the villagers and traders.

Valenia went out to the mountains to hunt and reconnect with nature, as well as watch over the newly cleared lands. While patrolling she cleared or maintained various potential nature hazards to keep the passes clear, and identified a previously untouched richly stocked lake that could host a fishery if developed. She also found traces of what could have been trolls moving back into the area, but some of the signs and tracks looked…strange.

Kerne spent time working in Flower Town and researching various things with more of a degree of secrecy than usual. She also worked on commissioning something but what that is has not yet been revealed.

Caeluma’s focus was on establishing a general shrine and welcome lodge near the entrance to the Hold where weary travellers could ease their feet, grab some food, and give thanks to the Sovereign Host for their safe arrival. In contrast to the solid stones around them, this building is made of sturdy wood and bright plaster on its stone footings. A statue commemorating the fallen dragon Killiklik also graces the shrine. Caeluma’s faith and devotion showed a side to all that had not been as apparent to their companions while adventuring – even if their mischief also brought them to teach the children and young of heart how to pull off better pranks. As a reward of favour by the gods, two otters rescued by Caeluma took to them, and began to happily play and seek them out. Their home had been crushed and destroyed by what seemed, from the tracks left behind, to be a wandering troll.

Also during this time, Coal and Odif came to visit, allowing everyone to catch up with each other. The love between Caeluma and Coal continued to bloom – and when Coal announced that he needed to return to Fairhaven to look after their various businesses and concerns there – and return Odif to school – Caeluma asked Coal to marry them. Amid much celebration and affirmation he accepted, and they brought everyone in to a grand group hug. Arwan was quickly pulled into it to, despite his protests.

And then a guard ran in, calling out that there were reports of trolls at one of the trading posts…