There’s a bug doing the rounds that seems to be hitting people in one of two ways. It either just gives you the sniffles and feeling a bit run down, or it knocks you sideways with an upset stomach and huge amounts of lethargy. So, guess which version I have? I thought I was going to get away with the former, but no such luck. Today started with being sick and hasn’t really settled since then. What fun.

Fortunately work has been going smoothly, so I don’t feel even remotely guilty about taking the day off – especially as I’m now on leave for a couple of days to celebrate 5 years with boy s. Under the circumstances its unlikely to be anything too strenuous, but that’s fine – as an introvert he’s not necessarily going to be wanting to gallivant around anywhere.

It’s an annoying bug. Every time I think it’s settling, my stomach has a quiet churn – very disconcerting. Oh, and I have an interview coming up on Friday for a secondment, so if nothing else but that, here’s to it easing soon.