Map – Explorer’s Camp

I’m, as ever, playing around in Dungeon Alchemy and trying new things from the new update. It’s a good way to also get inspiration for encounter spaces so that’s an added bonus. This evening’s quick map depicts a campsite in some ruins on the edge of a lake. At the bottom of the lake is a flooded mineshaft, and a hazy low fog hangs over the opening to that pit. The tent is large and of good quality – a covered wagon is parked up nearby, and assorted torches and barrels stand alongside pots, pans, waterskins, and other signs of recent use. It is night time and the campfire isn’t lit. Is the owner inside the tent? Or have the nearby will o the wisps witnessed something come out of the lake?

I enjoy environmental storytelling, so there’s all sorts of bits and pieces I’ve been able to place like a bear trap and a raft tied by the shore. As usual I’ve uploaded Explorers for Roll20 export, or you can just right click and download the map and size accordingly. It should be a 32×32 map if you are manually sizing it. If you use it, let me know what adventures it led to.

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