NPC – Cinderblock

Sometimes when toying around with Heroforge I’ll get a character step right out of the model – not just in terms of attitude and presence, but in the mechanics of how they operate. That’s probably the most appropriate term to use for Cinderblock, who is a Warforged warlock created at the height of the Last War. Originally designed to be an infiltrator scout, Cinderblock got caught in a magical crossfire in an ambush and was assumed to have been killed.

As they hovered on the edge of final deactivation, they called out blindly into the void and something answered. Something curious about this new soul light that had not been there before, and that was looking for a way into the physical world. A deal was offered: life and power in return for service. In desperation, the deal was taken, and Cinderblock blasted their way to freedom with a new set of capabilities that seemed quite at odds to their previous existence

Since then, Cinderblock has made a new pathway – seeking old places sealed away thousands of years ago and gathering the knowledge and power needed to open a path for their patron. Years of obeying orders in war made taking orders from an otherworldly voice in their head an easy transition. Their suppressed rage now manifests in fire and eldritch blasts as they search. They’re not sure what exactly they’re looking for, but along the way they have encountered others who have felt the power of their patron and have taken reassurance of sorts that this proves it isn’t all just inside their head.

Cinderblock doesn’t know the true name of their patron. They know it only by the title it demands – that of Master. It doesn’t matter to Cinderblock. They have life and purpose, and enough discretion in how they achieve that purpose to indulge a little spite along the way.

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