NPC – Konred the Korred

One of the fairy bandits that attacked the DDC on Sunday was a Korred – a small creature with strong ties to the earth and stone that are normally quite reclusive. They can smell out minerals, metals, and gemstones and are usually only encountered if someone has annoyed them with the sound of mining. They always know the shape of the stone beneath the soil, and where voids and concealed areas are. Finding one in the company of a group of fairy outcasts is extremely unusual – but they are chaotic and whimsical creatures and perhaps Konred enjoys the excitement of breaking routine and upsetting the steady path of other creatures.

Korreds have one other unique property – and that pertains to their hair. It is profuse and long, and takes on the properties of whatever is used to cut it. Konred has a whip made from his own hair when it was cut with steel shears – and his innate magic allows him to animate and control it as needed – whenever he isn’t throwing rocks or swinging a greatclub with a strength that seems quite at odds with his size.

Konred’s ability to sniff out what others prize as riches endeared him to his new companions – as well as his ability to commune with nature and get a sense of what features stand out in the surrounding area. With him in tow, the fey creatures never get lost in the layers of Thelanis, or when they venture into the more common reality of Eberron.

During the fight he scooped up and formed balls of rock as easily as someone might mold clay or snow. He threw them with punishing force, knocking Caeluma out briefly, but he was not a brave or dedicated bandit in any sense of the word. When Thorin began to hit him with his axe he blustered and complained he had “a boulder and fifteen pebbles to support”, and promptly melded into the stony ground below to escape. It remains to be seen whether this experience puts him off his brief career as a criminal.

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