Writing and Reinvigoration

The recent leaps in writing lore backgrounds for the regular D&D group has reignited my interest in telling stories in other media, so I went digging in my emails yesterday evening for the serial number for my Scrivener installation. I had to do a rebuild of my laptop a month or so back, and just hadn’t got round to putting it back on. Various conversations I’ve had over the last few weeks around writing kept pivoting back to Scrivener as a useful tool, so I decided to take the hint. It also helped that someone in the D&D community has put together a template and tools for Scrivener for creating adventures. The link therefore came full circle – or something like that.

The first thing I did? I opened up my novel, took one look at how complicated the first paragraph was and spent ten minutes reordering the first two thousand words. My next priority when I get home will be to roughly plot out the missing bits between where I got to and the endgame scene roughed out and start plugging away at it.

A gentle push in this direction also came from a chance conversation with one of our weekend staff which veered into writing and groups in the libraries – and the enthusiasm by this person for writing and creativity just clicked a lightbulb in my skull. Time will tell what comes of it – but apparently the sum total of writing in this blog comes to about twenty five thousand words – or about half a nanowrimo. Perhaps that’s something I should gear up to try this year properly for the first time in well over a decade.

Anyway – one more thing for my hyperactive grasshopper brain to bounce around..!

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