Map – Snowy Farm

I used this map during this week’s session as the stage for an assassination attempt on one of the characters, but its a suitably generic location for any one of a number of scenarios in a farm or village context. It is basically two fields and a cabin with a roadway running past them and an assortment of bushes, trees, and large stones along side it. The whole scene is smothered in snow, and with the sun overhead it has a certain charm to go alongside the drama of any encounters that might take place here.

Overhead map of a snowbound farm as described in the accompanying text

In this instance I had the group encounter a mysterious figure who sat on one of the stones by the road, roughly in the middle of the map – in this case a winter eladrin consumed with sorrow whose presence lulled the group into concerned care. Then on identifying his target he fey stepped behind the group and tried to kill them. The fight quickly became a hit and run encounter with the eladrin using superior movement and occasional limited teleportation to keep his distance and pepper his target with arrows. It was a close run thing as the group kept healing the target and trying to keep up as new attacks came from different directions.

The combination of large open spaces and objects that blocked line of sight meant that the focus of the encounter kept shifting, and kept people on their toes. It was huge fun.

I made this map in Dungeon Alchemist and exported it into Roll20 with lighting set for daylight so I didn’t have to set a lot of light sources. The usual zip file is here as snowy and as ever if you use it, have fun! I’d love to hear what stories you use it for.

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