Winter Eladrin Assassin

Part of the challenge experienced yesterday was an encounter with a sorrowful figure who was crying and looking for someone. When the group confirmed that the person being sought was one of their number, the fey creature shimmered and appeared behind that person, and attempted to kill them.

Pale and slender elf of indeterminate gender, with pale blue skin and white hair. They stand against a snowy background. Their armour, clothing and bow and sword are all in shades of pale and icy colours. Blue tear tracks can be seen on their cheeks as they reach out a hand as if in greeting or supplication

A long battle then commenced with this graceful and sorrowful elf darting about and shooting arrows while avoiding or enduring return fire from the group. The winter eladrin had been sent by the Winter’s Knight to slay the sister of someone opposed to him, and they very nearly succeeded. It proved to be an unexpectedly difficult fight, and I described their opponent as athletic and acrobatic – with a constant grace and almost effortless ease to their movements that was a direct contrast with the movements of recent opponents. As a CR10 creature, Winter Eladrin are formidable against most opponents – I made a point of foreshadowing that a whole cadre of Winter Eladrin follow the Winter’s Knight and do his bidding.

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