Map – Snow-Covered Bridge

This map is the one I used for Sunday’s dragon attack as it was open spaced enough to allow some maneuvering on both sides and some options for cover as well. It’s a simple enough layout with a deep river ravine bisecting it in a roughly diagonal basis and a wide stone bridge to serve as a crossing point. A platform with the embers of a brazier is near one side – and I described it as being in a clear fire break either side of the river. Nonetheless there are still some trees and bushes, along with some scattered rocks. The lighting is meant to be overcast but still daytime.

It’s a simple battlemap, and served its purpose – for a future use I might rotate it ninety degrees – and you’re welcome to grab a copy for your own virtual tabletops. Its another Dungeon Alchemy map but there’s nothing fancy to it – sometimes you just need an open space to focus your players’ minds.

Overhead map of a snow-covered landscape with a bridge over a river as described in the text above.

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