Retinopathy Day

I’ve been out of it for most of today as it was time for my annual retinopathy checkup. Its the one where paralytic and dilatory drops are put in my eyes so they can be checked for macular degeneration stemming from my diabetes.

In terms of my experience that means that after stinging drops are introduced, everything gets incredibly bright, hazy, and shiny so I can’t read anything or tolerate much of anything.

So I’ve been wearing sunglasses, dozing, and listening to audiobooks. Currently I’m enjoying rediscovering First and Only, the first Gaunt’s Ghosts book by Dan Abnett. Even fifteen hours later it feels like someone scooped my eyeballs out with a melon baller, and then pushed them back in my sockets – so I’m back off to sleep. See you on the other side.

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