Getting Funko

I’ve been finding it hard to settle today, so I turned my attention to our office/spare bedroom and the towering mountain of Funko boxes piled behind the door. There seems, generally, to be two schools of thought when it comes to keeping and displaying these vinyl figures. The first is that they are bought to be displayed and the boxes are discarded as there is no intention of selling them on. The second is closely tied to the myth of rarity and the collector’s mindset and mandates that the figures should be preserved in pristine form in their boxes and displayed in them.

I am generally of the first persuasion, while Lady M has picked a third option – that of keeping the boxes so that figures can be put back in their boxes if needed. There’s still no intention of selling them, but perhaps there’s half an eye to how often over the years we moved and therefore a thought of transporting them.

As more than one person has remarked, this does take up a lot of space – and so in recent months I’ve been looking at how stably and neatly I can rearrange these boxes to perhaps have some degree of aesthetic in their stacking as well. I conquered the cupboard containing our boiler, various tools, folding chairs, and a stack of funko pop boxes that now stands some seven foot tall and is braced for stability.

Today therefore, to keep busy, I turned my eyes to the great stack and took the lessons learned from the cupboard. Now there are no mismatched boxes on different alignments unless needed to brace or tuck with boxes from other things – and it all feels far less precarious now. It no longer feels like the door might be keeping the boxes in place.

It’s a rock and roll lifestyle here. Apparently someone in a hat sat on a chair today…

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