Run down but not out

I’m fairly sure it’s just the pollen count that’s given me blocked sinuses and killed my sense of smell. I’m feeling pretty tired and run down so no doubt there’s something opportunistic that’s going to try and hijack my poor immune system. Nonetheless, I’m keeping on keeping on.

I’m still buzzing from how well the game went on Sunday – it really does lift my spirits when my players say things like they lost track of time, they wanted to continue, and are busy hatching plans for the next session. I’ve heard variants on those from several people both at the time and in general conversations since and its a wonderful validation of the whole thing.

Work continues to challenge and reward in equal amounts – I’m certainly not going to be bored any time soon, and I’m getting plenty of chances to trumpet the things being set up and run by my team. If I have any anxieties beyond the day to day its around making sure that opportunities get their best chance to flourish

All this is to say that despite my mental health dipping and fluctuating, it’s in the context of good things and good people. Despite desperately wanting to roll over and sleep for a week or three, I have things to do and people to focus on – and even if I’m not great at always being able to reach out to people its not for lack of thinking of them at least.

Here’s to a new week and a fresh run at it

2 thoughts on “Run down but not out

  1. Be Fit and Healthy 09/05/2023 / 1:00 am

    love this
    Great read! It’s admirable how you keep pushing forward despite feeling under the weather. Your passion for gaming and work is infectious. Speaking of work, what opportunities have you set up for your team that you’re most excited about?


    • Tim Maidment 09/05/2023 / 9:42 pm

      We’ve a lot of events set up for our local communities, especially across the summer encouraging reading around a sports and exercise theme. Added to that we’re also helping host an arts festival focusing on helping 11-16 year olds see pathways into creative industries, ranging from author talks and stage makeup workshops to stalls from local broadcasters and the Pinewood Studios group. We’ve got dance troupes rehearsing to do interactive performances in our spaces, and theatre groups putting on shows for youngsters aimed at encouraging and developing their imagination and storytelling skills – and that’s just the next three months!


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