Migraine Recovery

I was well and truly knocked sideways yesterday by a migraine, which was a bit of an annoyance. I managed half a day of work, but the painkillers couldn’t get to grips with it, so I made my excuses and went home – and that was basically that until the early hours of this morning. I’m still not feeling fantastic – I’m in what Lady M calls “the migraine shadow” – but I have at least been able to get back to work, if only from my sofa, and have had some productive meetings and outcomes.

My number one soothing tool today has been some lavender-scented putty that I’ve been working with my hands on and off all day. I was introduced to it a while back, and really started to appreciate it when clay was handed round at an EDI conference to help break the ice and keep people mindful. I’ve since given putty variants to a number of people as a gift and then remembered recently to buy some for myself.

It’s simple enough stuff, but the feel of it and the focus pull that comes with working it while I talk or think has been very helpful in keeping on track today. Its also pretty cheap so I’ve added it to the small but growing number of small touch-distractions I keep with me. It goes alongside the worry stone and the tactile strips on the back of my phone as grounding items while I think.

So, that’s where my head’s been at the last 30 hours or so

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