No Game, Just Preparations

With the ongoing application of common sense that the real world takes precedent over the game, we didn’t have our D&D session today as a couple of people had to unexpectedly pitch in at work. As is my usual tack then, I’ve warned everyone this just gives me more time to come up with strange additions and quirks for the story.

Illustration of a black, yellow, and red banded snake-woman with a white long sleeved top and hood, Curled and ready to strike with two large khopeshes against a sandy background

More maps have been created, more mercenaries and odd NPCs created in HeroForge, and abstract patterns drawn in my notebooks while I ponder the best complications to throw at our plucky adventurers.

Case in point – this amazing lamia which is absolutely nothing to do with the DDC’s adventures. I just got liked the model and wanted to make something a bit different.

One thing I did do before we went our separate online ways was to ask the group what they had in mind to do next in the aftermath of last week’s conflicts.

They said: wedding planning

I mean, sure, they’re in the middle of a siege with ravenous trolls tearing apart the countryside and trying their best to tear the Dwarven lands asunder – and they just survived a pitch battle and stole the gear off the son of one of the troll’s leaders so why not have a light contrast.

I’m sure the trolls won’t be doing much of anything in retaliation. Well, nothing dangerous. Well, nothing that can’t wait. Yeah, the trolls will probably be regrouping or something because they need ages to heal up. I mean the Archfey manipulating the whole thing is a patient entity.


Oh, and then there’s an angry dragon out there too. What’s the worst that could happen?

We’ll find out soon, I’m sure…

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