Recharges All Round

I’ve needed a slow day, and as I’m working this weekend I’ve taken today off. It’s allowed for a slow pace. With Lady M not feeling fantastic after a broken night, I did some grocery shopping, gave moral support to a member of staff who was having a bad morning, and was just settling with an audiobook when boy s asked for help with getting out of the flat to do some shopping of his own. Then having done that I had a message from Lady T saying she was on the way round for a coffee, a little unexpectedly as I knew she’d been unwell herself the last couple of days.

Green skinned and brutish figure with tusks, a dark mohawk, big boots and ragged trousers, and large multicoloured moth wings out his back. He is brandishing a green sword in the air against a background of a wooden-framed building

So a quick trip back down the road while boy s recovered from the stress of being out in public while battling agoraphobia, and a quiet afternoon of coffee and nattering with both Ladies M and T, putting the world to rights.

I started the day thinking I might struggle to get much done, and forced myself to the shops in the first place to battle that. It turned into quite a social day.

Having dropped Lady T home, I’ve just been quietly playing around in HeroForge and watching old Time Team episodes on YouTube, leading to this odd fellow appearing that I have labelled “Fairy Nuff”

Sometimes the old jokes are the best – in this case based on memories of stories told and retold in my family based on the Lobey Dosser cartoons by Bud Neill that started in 1949. In the comic strips, Fairy Nuff wore “tackety boots and spoke only in verse” There’s something that has resonated for years and become the focus of shaggy dog stories and jokes – most particularly by my grandparents when I was young. Today was obviously time for Nuff to step forward again…