Inktober 2018

This was my first attempt at this annual challenge – and was mostly done on the fly in a small notebook that I kept with me.

While convenient for when inspiration struck, it did also limit the space I had sometimes – doubling down on the difficulty. The prompt list is attached – and the gallery should more or less be in order.

I wrote blog entries at the time with additional commentary and thought, so feel free to dig deeper for those.

By and large, the prompts are notional concepts rather than figurative, which of course leaves the windows open for a huge array of interpretation and presentation. You will have your own opinions and views of the prompts that may well be in entirely different directions to where I went with mine – and I’d love to hear about them. The entire point of this challenge for me is not just having fun with concepts, but also enjoying what other people bring to the table.

So here goes with a slideshow gallery of my responses to this list – I had a “deliberate” mistake with the numbering of one of them late in the month.