HeroForge – Mr Friendly and Mrs Nice

These two mercenaries were an early thorn in the side of the DDC. They were on retainer to Morgrave University in opposition to the DDC who were retained by Wynarn University – and the plan was originally to have them as a recurring nemesis for the group as they investigated or delved into various mysteries or forgotten sites. That went sideways when the group wanted to go a totally different direction in terms of story and tone – and beyond a bit of a wind up, a social encounter, and an appearance in a flashback the two have gone on the back burner. I may bring them out as a call-back in the Librarian group as they are more associated with Morgrave University in that game.

Mr Friendly and Mrs Nice are neither of these, nor are they married. He is a goblin who hails from a proud line of dhaakani warriors and who tries his best to liberate or preserve the relics of his people. She is a changeling sorceress who is in it for the money. He has a reputation of striking suddenly from ambush, often as exhausted rivals emerge from the temples and tombs they’ve just been raiding. She is known as a consummate spy and infiltrator and mostly only by reputation as nobody is entirely sure that they’ve actually met her or even seen her true appearance

The names of course arose out of a joke while chatting on our Discord server during lockdown. I was teasing the group with upcoming threats – mostly to see what kind of reactions I got to sound out what might work and there was an immediate chime with these two names. The soft and gentle names were seen straight through, and a whole host of suggestions were made about who these mysterious people could be.

As it was, the story went other directions – but they made enough of an impact that while people were trying to assemble all the breadcrumbs in last week’s lore dump, they did wonder just how involved these two might be in the whole mystery. I hadn’t thought to bring them back in – but perhaps, just perhaps, there’s a role for them yet…

DDC – Draconic Prophecies 7

Here we go with this week’s set of cryptic musings for players and watchers alike to consider. Enjoy!

Now pauses the fight when wings beat. Prophecy’s test must soon be heard. Kelliklik’s Doom may be defeat, or proof of destiny’s loose skein.

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 401, verses 5-7

Well that doesn’t sound at all ominous does it? We finally met Kelliklik and his Dragon Blessed servant Sigrund when they sought out the DDC at Flower Town. The group had just secured the alliance of the town to help retake the Hold and had settled for the night when the dragon announced himself with a great burst of flame over the marketplace. A challenge was issued to Thorin and the group and a close-fought fight with the young dragon was ended by proclamation by Sigrund and the casting of a powerful Mass Cure.

The group had proved themselves equal to the task ahead, and Kelliklik would now go to face his Doom. A twist however came in Caeluma persuading the dragon to instead join them in the assault. Kelliklik asked Thorin if he had made his Choice and nodded in response to the answer before agreeing. Whether this is a twist in fate’s loom that changes the Doom, or indeed defines the Doom remains to be revealed.

Choices run the fate of Khorvaire, good and bad the coin’s edge only. What counts in the moment is fair, but argent questers are stony.

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 101, verses 1-2

Given where we ended up last week, there are certainly some decisions to be made and a whole host of people starting to notice. The group has made up its mind to fight and are now aware of the stakes they are fighting for. The threat posed by inquisitors of the Silver Flame, for now, remains distant.

Dragon’s breath or the Silver Flame? Both believe their truths and thunder. Their wings and capes spread wide, the game may wither chance life asunder.

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 307, verses 6-9

There’s nothing particularly weird and wonderful here – let’s see how things turn out in the battle of dogmas, beliefs, prophecies, and pronouncements.

DDC – Roll Karkanna Checks

The awful pun in the title was gleefully suggested by the boy s as we worked out what to call the Twitch stream on social media – and I couldn’t help but give the nod to it. I’m blaming that decision on what I thought was a head cold – that has since revealed itself to be another bout of Covid. What joy.

Anyway – we picked up outside a deserted shrine that bore some old markings of Onatar – and so may have originally been a forge. Appropriately enough then, Karkanna had chosen this as her base, and she showed no fear despite the superior numbers arrayed against her. Thorin’s outburst of surprise was matched by Valenia moving swiftly to bring a blade to Karkanna’s throat – a move that was deftly parried, and no more.

Karkanna claimed to be glad they’d arrived and that there was a lot to talk about. She agreed that she had a lot of explaining to do – and invited the group into the ruin to her camp so they could do so in relative comfort. As she led them in, they saw a series of tarpaulin lean-tos under the broken ceiling. There was a campfire with a kettle of water over it, and equipment in various stages of being packed. There were also three cages a short distance away, each with a sleeping naked dwarf in them. Karkanna said, when challenged, that they would stay there until they could control themselves. This was not taken well by the group.

The conversation began with a confrontational and direct tone – and Karkanna met aggressive questioning with assertive answers that reinforced the relationship between her and Thorin. She talked of how they’d gone different paths, and how Thorin had always been better at making friends and allies. They talked about the Last War, and how she’d fought and fought and seen him and his brother get all acclaim and glory. How they called Thorin a hero and shrank from her – and then she had gone on fighting while everyone celebrated the end of the Last War. The creatures climbing up from The Pit took no notice of the politics of the surface and still needed to be fought. Her lonely war took her down into The Pit. She had no one to live for, so she became death to the dolgrims and dolgaunts and aberrations crawling up from Kyber.

And then she was captured.

A group of six mindflayers lay in wait on her last foray into the dark. When challenged on how they’d stopped her, she asked if the group had ever met mindflayers – and pointed out how powerful their mental attacks are. Karkanna was overcome and taken before the Daelkyr and the power of Xoriat reworked her to become a werewolf – the first created since the pogroms of the Silver Flame hunted them all down.

The questions kept coming, and Karkanna kept answering, unburdening herself. The mind flayers had an alliance with duergar who dug up to meet the miners of Clan Amberhammer as they descended. She returned to the Hold with disguised duergar allies to find her father dying and was compelled to bite him and inflict lycanthropy on him. The curse would keep him alive and keep him as leverage over the Clan. That was the signal for the Cult of the Triumphant Dead to rise and overrun the mines and the Hold.

She was compelled to bite many of the Clan and convert them. They were expelled into the countryside to spread chaos and confusion and spread the curse across the mountains. Granite from The Pit was brought up and used to construct the plinth and portal site seen in the formal gardens outside. It was at this point that Karkanna asked Thorin if he still had their father’s axe – that it was safe. The relief on her face when he produced it was palpable.

Karkanna revealed she’d sent it to him to keep it away from the mind flayers as they needed it to complete a ritual. The heirloom axe was linked to the Amberhammer Clan and by extension the rule of the land. The cult intended to conduct a ritual to destroy the axe while it was linked to the Clan – ie while attuned to the Clan leader – thereby destroying the symbol of rule and supplanting the Clan as the lords of the land.

Karkanna had overheard talk of a further alliance – of a plan to bring Winter across the Mountains. The Powers of Xoriat would reach out to Winter’s EverIce and bring chaos and madness and death and claim the mountains forever. Karkanna broke the mental domination and sent the axe away – once Thorin attuned to the axe, it removed the threat to their father as his death wouldn’t achieve the ritual’s aims. If she had taken the axe and assumed control, it would have achieved nothing. She then fled and started trying to rein in her wayward Pack. She slew any that could not control the curse.

She then took Thorin to one side to reveal the other reason she had acted to defend the Clan after so long. In a crib under a nearby tarpaulin was a six-month-old baby dwarf – her son. She brought him out and introduced Loris Amberhammer to his uncle, and the rest of the DDC.

This broke the ice conclusively, and a good period of time was spent updating Karkanna on Thorin’s adventures – and adopted wider family in the form of Odif and Coal – which was also news to Arwan who hadn’t met either of them. A good few stories and anecdotes passed back and forth before the evening began to draw in. Caeluma negotiated the release of the dwarves from their cages – Broadhand Tam: a guard, and Ennis and Thantyr Amberhammer, smiths and artificers of the Clan – and a reluctant and wary trio started preparing spaces for the group to strike their own camp.

Plans then began to be drawn up on what to do next. Karkanna claimed that Thorin should be able to rally those of the Clan and surrounding area who had fled – to form a new militia as he had in days gone by. Karkanna said she would be able to gather at least some of the werewolves to fight on their behalf. Talk turned to whether the Silver Flame army near Cragwar could be of help, but Karkanna pushed back – the Silver Flame zealots would wipe out the Amberhammers as tainted by the curse. She would not risk her son for that.

Arwan set up a ritual to Commune with their gods – asking if their situation and that of the Clan was known to the Sovereign Host, whether there was any aid the gods could send, and whether they had a chance of winning. The answers were positive, negative, and positive again. When relaying these answers, Karkanna noted drily that of course the gods knew, that the DDC were the help sent, and that there was always a chance.

Kerne was taken by the references to Winter and reached out through her journal to contact her lost sister – Faye – last seen fleeing the Winter’s Knight. For once, the stilted written conversations gave useful information. The EverIce was the name given to the far frozen north, rumoured to bury a lost culture. The Winter’s Knight was working with the Cult of the Triumphant Dead to bring that icy cover to the mountains and across the lands in a never-ending winter. Secondly, the artificial dreamlily that the DDC had destroyed had had a hidden effect, to make anyone exposed to it vulnerable to fey magics. Kaye had fled to keep the secret of the drug and the processes and spells required from the forces of Winter.

Suddenly a lot of puzzle pieces were falling into place for the group as the wider picture and stakes became clear. Karkanna identified two possible places where refugees may have gathered – and the group resolved to sleep on it and come to terms with the enormity of the task before them

Librarians at Play

After several weeks off while people had holidays and various bouts of not feeling well, we managed to get everyone together this week for the second session of Dungeons and Dragons I’m running with some colleagues from work, as well as Lady M and the boy s. We’d left them in the middle of a fight with two apprentices and their animated champions: a small shrub, and a broom. Chaos and hilarity ensued as the broom flew around the room smacking people as it passed, and people variously tried to grab and wrestle it into submission.

Lila, a thief with an extensive knife collection, was able to intercept one of the pair of miscreants and pin him to the wall. She told him to get his shrubbery under control, but at more or less the same time the cleric Wilhelm cast cause light wounds on it and it shrivelled away to dust.

The artificer, Xander, was knocked unconscious by the broom, but was stabilised by Pan before Caitriona (the other cleric) arrived and got them back on their feet. The distraction was enough for the second apprentice to flee to the other side of the chamber and say something into a rune-carved stone that he produced from his pocket. Moments later, a shadowy portal appeared in the air and a gaunt hand pulled him through. The portal promptly disappeared.

As a distraction, Xander imbued the broom with a fart-generating property – and blamed it on their concussion. Between them, in the meantime, Pan and Caitriona were able to smash the broom into several now-noisy segments.

The captured minion confessed that he and his companion had been practicing the animation spells to gain the favour of “The Maester” who had promised them power and work if they could manage it. He was offered a job in the kitchens of Wilhelm’s husband’s mansion and allowed to leave – and was last seen running as fast as he could. A few moments’ collective thought identified the portal as having been the manifestation of a dimension door spell – which meant that the Maester would have to have been at most 500 feet away. With no obvious additional ways out however, the group decided to gather up the abandoned book that they had been sent to retrieve and return it to the Morgrave University Library. They then gathered back at the inn on the campus before going their separate ways.

Wilhelm informed everyone that his husband had extended an invitation to them all to attend a black-tie event with rare book dealers who may be able to provide more information on missing books – or indeed this mysterious Maester.

We’ll be regrouping in two weeks’ time, and I’ve told the players there will be downtime activities to resolve and to think of what they might like to do with that time.

HeroForge Illustrations

HeroForge have been going for a good few years now, offering a service where people can create and customise tabletop figures for their various roleplay games. You can then order the printed figure to use at home. The rise in popularity of virtual tabletops over lockdown has since led them to make improvements to export portraits and other illustrations. There’s a subscription model that unlocks extra features and save slots to build up a gallery – the site can be found at www.heroforge.com

The boy has been an enthusiastic cheerleader for the website for some time as he creates new characters, and this baton has been taken up as we’ve developed the DDC campaign. Lady B used the portrait features to create graphics for the stream – and indeed for one of the “Well That Just Happened” designs available on the store – https://amzn.eu/d/eJDoAZM – if you’re interested

So, I eventually caved and had a look this week – and decided to start with making an illustration for Karkanna Amberhammer ahead of the session coming up this weekend. For those not following, Karkanna is Thorin’s elder sister, who disappeared towards the end of the Last War and reappeared by way of a message sent to him in Windhaven. The message said to return as their father wasn’t well – and included their father’s heirloom axe. Everything in the game for the last few months has been the group making their way back to the Hold on the Brelish border.

What the group have been able to put together from hints and encounters is that Karkanna appeared back at the Hold, accompanied by strangers, and was welcomed quietly home. The next evening, as the moon rose, Karkanna transformed into a werewolf, and the strangers revealed as duergar and dolgaunts. Strange creatures appeared and overran the Hold, scattering many of the Clan to the hills.

The Silver Flame made contact with Thorin while they travelled, to see what contact he’d had, but decided that he hadn’t been corrupted and let him go on his way. Their first attempt at entering the Hold then led to them fleeing in disarray after fighting dolgrims and dolgaunts before encountering mind flayers and a beholder. During that time, they overheard conversations suggesting that Karkanna had fled or gone rogue – and so when they had a clue as to her location, they decided to find her. The session ended with their arriving at a ruined shrine and finding her waiting for them at the door.

Where this goes next? Who knows – I can’t wait to find out.

The second portrait I created was that of Coal – partner to Caeluma – who ran with the group for a good while before settling back in Windhaven to look after Odif and set up a youth centre with his profits from their adventuring. We had a whole arc of his coming to terms with his past as a war machine and the losses endured, so the dangers facing the group as they protected their young charge made total sense for the character to back out of active rotation.

When I posted this in the group chat the other night, I was immediately asked if he had become some form of criminal mastermind, which wasn’t really what I was going for – but there’s definitely elements of his rogue background along with the steampunk background to suggest a more elevated status than they’d enjoyed before. I had the concept of a gentleman thief in mind while assembling the options. The mimic of course is one of the many that share the DDC’s home, so it made sense to allude to it. In response to the question, someone else said “He’d say he didn’t know what you were talking about, boss”

The tokens are also very customisable – for curiosity’s sake because I mentioned them earlier, here’s what I generated based off these portraits:

I’ve had fun with these – so I’ll likely look to generate a rogues gallery this way of significant characters in the games I run as a creative outlet.

DDC – Draconic Prophecies 6

And here we go with the latest batch of cryptic meanderings hinting at things to come and themes being explored in the D&D extravaganza. It’s all getting a bit epic in scope, and the players are more invested than ever in the outcomes. So, without further ado…

In Argent’s glare all doubt dispelled, chase hunters armed with cruel blade. Their ancient foes reborn as jest must answer calls by both Heirs made

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 700, verses 1-2

This refers to the agents of the Silver Flame, who have amassed a force near the border by Cragwar, only a day or two’s march away. The ancient foes reference is talking about the werewolves unwillingly created by Karkanna at the behest of the mind flayers.

The Silver Flame are renowned for having destroyed all were-creatures in a pogrom several hundred years ago. Now, Thorin and Karkanna are weighing up how to call on their divided Clan to regain their lands and drive off the forces of madness without inviting mass destruction at the hand of the religious zealots of the Silver Flame.

When fates’ skein tangles in noble birth, siblings’ anger is written loud. Two tribes from one, or both combined. Which pathways old must be re-trod

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 417, verses 5-7

This is referencing both Thorin and Karkanna Amberhammer, the heirs split by the events of the Last War and more recently the invasion of their ancestral home by the Cult of the Triumphant Dead, a splinter cult of the Dragon Below. The siblings finally met last week in the ruins of a shrine to Onnatar (the god of smiths) and heated words were exchanged rather than blows.

Eventually a plan to retake their Hold began to take form – but it depends on gathering together the scattered refugees from the Hold under Thorin and allying them with the werewolf kindred spawned by Karkanna when she was forced to betray everyone. The niceties of this plan remain to be determined

The Testing now must be begun: scarlet questions posed from above. In answers sanguine, truth be spun, and legends rise to speak for love

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 202, verses 8-9

This came to fruition in the arrival of Kelliklik at Flower Town. The young red dragon is bound to a Doom under the Prophecies to ensure certain things happen, and he challenged the group while flying above them. Blood was shed on both side as they stated their beliefs and argued with both words and battle. The group is beginning to take on the status of legends, and in all things in this fight they are motivated by love of family, friends, and life.

DDC – Run For The Hills

The DDC found themselves taking a brand new approach this week to a battle – to run away to live another day. We’d left off the previous week with a wall being destroyed and a beholder appearing, ready to level the battlefield. Thorin tried to distract it by throwing axes and lightly wounding it, but the flash of two more of its eyes saw necrotic energies ravaging his body before he was bodily picked up and pinned against the far wall, hovering on the edge of life. Arwan dived to stabilise him before beating a hasty retreat back into cover. Valenia blocked the entrance to the Court with a strategic use of Plant Growth and began dragging Caeluma away to safety, closely pursued by the mindflayer that had emerged from the library.

The tiny duergar assassin tried to sneak around to stab Valenia, but she grabbed him and stuffed him into her magical bag of kittens. Arwan sped ahead, while Thorin grabbed the stunned Kerne to lead them away. Behind them the impromptu barricade began to burn and melt as the beholder destroyed it.

An increasingly panicked group fled the Hold, pursued initially by mindflayers and then by more dolgrims that had been summoned from other rooms. As Caeluma and Kerne recovered from the agony of the mindblast that had stunned them, the group made better progress, and then Caeluma was able to use a Pass Without Trace enchantment to augment the DDC’s efforts to hide and misdirect their pursuers.

They ended up setting up a camp on a small island surrounded by a stream ( the map featured earlier this week at https://timmaidment.com/2022/11/02/map-mountain-camp/ ) and set about resting and recovering. They then remembered about the duergar in the bag and tried to find him. Turning out the bag resulted in nearly forty kittens running around the camp, getting into Caeluma’s wool supplies, playing with Kerne’s tail, falling asleep in Arwan’s lap, and playing with Thorin’s beard, but no sign of the diminutive assassin. Even sending Shriken in to investigate didn’t reveal anything and they came to the conclusion that the bag had turned him into one of the kittens currently making themselves comfortable. They spent an hour or, so putting them all back inside before the moons rose and triggered Caeluma and Valenia’s lycanthropic transformations again.

This time Caeluma had full control of themselves, while Valenia found they were compelled to run into the woods, where they picked up the trail of another powerful werewolf. By the end of the evening, both of them had seen it lairing in an abandoned shrine nearby and returned to the group to try and bring people there in the morning. Realising that this was probably Karkanna – Thorin’s sister – they decided to go to the shrine – and were duly met there in the morning by the sight of the powerfully built and battle-scarred sister standing in the shrine’s door to greet their arrival.

And that’s where we left it – with Thorin about to ask Karkanna what the hell was going on. So much happened in last night’s game that we ended up agreeing that we need to run longer sessions and start early as of next week. As a DM, this absolutely makes my day, hearing the enthusiasm in everyone’s voices. While I know where all the pieces are, I can’t wait to find out with the group where they’ll all end up

DDC – Draconic Prophecies 5

Just ahead of tonight’s game, here’s some more cryptic mutterings from the dragons of Eberron:

Not all who watch, command. Nor do all those who are quiet, obey. When the Dragons Below strive for the skies, then all is reversed in the end.

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 812, verses 1-3

A general comment on the relationship between Mind Flayers and Beholders in Eberron. In other worlds it might be expected that there be a more antagonistic relationship or that the Beholder would be in charge, but as creatures of Xoriat (the realm of madness), the mind flayers are in the ascendant and use beholders as living weapons platforms.

If the Heir calls, the tribe will answer. If the Heir falls, then Winter’s reign starts. The threads of fate weave loose until they meet the loom

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 903, verses 18-end

In general terms this is a reminder that others of the Clan Amber-Hammer still live and could be called upon to help. In addition nothing is written in stone and although I as the GM have a broad idea of how it will all play out, the actual details and outcome rely entirely on the players and their characters.

With flashing eyes and fanged mouth, comes the Doom of the stone-breakers. With hateful dreams are watchful nightmares born, to blight the lands above

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 490, verses 3-4

This absolutely refers to the Beholder revealed to be the powerhouse of the coup at Clan Amberhammer. With the many spell-like effects it can create from its eyes and the massive fanged maw that dominates its face beneath the huge central eye, this creature is a killing machine under the control of the mind flayers. The other eye-themed creatures encountered to date have all manifested from its dreams as its very presence destabilises the already thinning reality at the Hold as a Xoriat Manifest zone begins to coalesce.

DDC – Roll of the Dice

Sunday’s game was a little earlier than usual and had its fair share of technical issues, but we managed to get a good session going. We picked up where we left off – in the middle of the pitched battle, and Caeluma was able to damage the large eye construct in the middle of the courtyard. This had the effect of disrupting the anti-magic field so that Arwan was able to get to Kerne to heal them. The last of the dolgrims and dolgaunts were swiftly picked off, and quiet was restored to the Hold’s entrance.

A quick scout around revealed barracks, stables, dog kennels, and an armoury in disarray with signs of past violence and the armoury in particular having been picked clean to equip the dolgrims. A further set of large doors leading into the mountain were quietly eased open to reveal the way forward. Caeluma caught a brief sight of a small floating creature that the group nicknamed “the angry artichoke” as it passed the end of the corridor some way away, but it didn’t spot them, so they felt safe enough to approach and try to get the lay of the land.

Thorin recalled enough of the layout to indicate the direction of the throne room, library, forge, and main living areas so they could all get their bearings – and they were able to hear indistinct voices nearby. Caeluma summoned Shriken to invisibly scout a little further and found the throne room had three occupants. An ashen-skinned dwarfish figure was in a conversation with a dolgaunt and a tall thin figure with a squidlike head that seemed to be in charge. Their language couldn’t be understood by either Caeluma or Shriken, so Valenia moved forward, also invisibly and was able to understand the Undercommon that they were using.

There were three main strands that Valenia overheard before the “angry artichoke” was seen returning:

The dwarf was being told that Karkanna needed to be found and brought back under control. The dwarf was demanding to know where “The Axe” was – and was told by the mindflayer that it was still with the heir and the assassins had failed. The dolgaunt was ordered to go round up more prisoners so that they could be converted, and the mindflayer said it would confirm progress with the Watcher so they could complete the deal with Winter.

Shriken and Valenia retreated back to the corridor as the “angry artichoke” – a gazer – sped back – and all would be well if not for one mistake. Valenia called out to the rest of the party to let them know they were back, and the gazer heard them, spun round and saw the rest of the group. It yelled out in alarm and the sound of running feet could be heard.

This is where it all got a bit messy.

Everyone moved around the staggered hallway junctions to get clear lines of fire, and Arwan felled the gazer before it could flee. Valenia created a spike growth area covering an area of the court and the corridor outside to act as a chokepoint – and a number of dolgrims that burst out of a nearby door were badly injured as they ran through it. The dolgaunt was able to grapple Caeluma with its tentacles, while Kerne missed the dolgrims with her spell. The duergar psionicist turned invisible and attempted to poison Thorin – but was unable to find a weak spot in his armour, while the mindflayer floated out another entrance and threw a lightning bolt spell at Arwan as it beat a retreat.

The group cut down the majority of the dolgrims and slew the dolgaunt, but not before another mindflayer appeared behind the dolgrims and stunned Kerne and Caeluma with a mindblast. The mindblast had the unexpected benefit for the party of slaying the last of the dolgrims, but then a section of the south wall of the throne room was destroyed and the first mindflayer appeared, flanking the bulk of an enraged beholder – The Watcher

And that’s where we left the bloodied and battered group in a state of disbelief and terror and will pick up from next week.

All posted images are from Wizards of the Coast 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons and are their copyright.

DDC – Draconic Prophecies 4

Here we are again, with another few cryptic odds and ends for what’s upcoming and has been ongoing in the current campaign – plus notes when the events highlighted have come to pass. I go back to these passages to update the blog posts when that happens – and there will certainly be a run on these as the current arc completes. I’m also going to post up some of the encounter maps we’ve used for free use by people should they want them.

Blood dreams chased are ended in screams, and barred doors found to be open. All the capering demons fall under the watchful eye’s watch.

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 1026, chapter 11, verses 12-13

This is pretty much where the last couple of sessions have been – the blood dream refers to the Deathkiss in the garden which is the remnant of a beholder’s nightmares of blood loss, and which acted as the guard dog in the garden before the gates. The Hold gates which might have appeared to be barred were in fact not secured at all, so that Thorin could open them and bring his allies in with him. The capering demons refers to the horde of dolgrims and their dolgaunt leaders who thronged the main courtyard in defence of the Hold. The watchful eye is an unearthly appearing 20-foot-wide eye in the centre of the courtyard that projects an anti-magic ray at the entrance. Its presence forced some big tactic changes for the group.

When the heir to Amber proclaims his oath, the new dawn shall rise beneath the halls. Winter’s breath abated for now as the moons drift on their paths.

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 671, chapter 5, verses 1-2

A fairly straightforward call out to the endgame outcomes here. More detail as we get there.

A point of decision splits the path: to save or to slay. Two paths to one throne; but with regret comes truth to all. One who has fallen may yet rescue the one who climbs.

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 800, chapter 1, verses 1-3

More than a little foreshadowing here on the themes of the story and the resolution of Thorin and Karkanna’s relationship.