Happy New Year

I’m not going to fall for the expectations trap of saying here’s to a better 2021. Instead, as I recently said to a friend, here’s to new possibilities and shenanigans.

I saw the new year in, mostly because I couldn’t settle, with half a bottle of glayva and falafel. Lady M is deeply unwell with a chest infection so a day of covid tests and a hospital consultation wore her out. We’ve got antibiotics and plenty of supplies so we’ll be fine.

So here’s to humour, flirting, making the best of things, and looking out for each other.

Plot Twist!

Oh, so as I was catching up on Facebook, not long before getting ready to get on a plane to come home from Florida, my eye was caught by a post by someone in one of the cosplay groups about how they were ready to start dating again after heartbreak a year or so before.

This particular group is one that I met up with at MCM in October: SquadUK, and I’d gone to their visit to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park – so I knew and had met most of the people in the conversation thread – a luxury you don’t often get online when you’re trying to visualise a virtual discussion.

Although the poster, Lady S, is open on her bio and in conversations, if it comes up, about being poly, it was quickly obvious that this was either something that had flown straight past people, or that had been discounted because she had recently got engaged to her girlfriend. A number of people began to ask what had gone wrong, and she had to explain that no, this wasn’t a break-up. She clearly explained her boundaries: basically that any new partner had be to public, no skulking around, and willing to attend conventions. Any longer debate was turned aside with a “I’m not debating this, if you don’t understand, you won’t.”

Which I had to admire. I also found it refreshing to see someone stand up in a public forum, and wanting to even the odds a bit also weighed in to support her in poly representation. I also said if she wanted to natter about poly things, I was there as an understanding ear.

So as I leaned on the balcony at the hotel, I got a message saying “Well at least I feel less guilty for perving over you.” and we started chatting. As you do. Meanwhile on the Facebook discussion, her fiance was reassuring everyone that she would have the head of anyone who hurt Lady S on a spike.

And between that and her chatting with Lady M, and not sleeping through jetlag, we seem to have ended up with a new partner – which was a rather unexpected way to ring in the new year.

Turns out she’d been carrying a quiet torch for me since the Winter Wonderland and I was, as usual, completely oblivious. So I’m not quite sure out of all the social anxieties and shyness quite who pulled who.

It’s a lovely way to start the new year though. Feels right, lots of smiles in both households right now.

Happy New Year

It’s tempting to say good riddance to a rollercoaster year, where I’ve started and lost relationships; managed to write a huge amount and yet hit crushing roadblocks in creativity, and where my mental health took a plummet, before new friends and a welcome from the cosplay helped me start to rebuild my strength.

Work has been challenging, especially with my health, but the libraries have been supportive even while I’ve had to put the writing to one side for a while.

I’m not going to go into the politics of the year, which have enraged and saddened me at so many turns.

There’s a lot of like to put behind me, but doing so would diminish all the good times, experiences, and people who have featured in life too.

So, it’s not so much “get out of here 2017”, as “hey 2018, up for building some awesome?”

A New year Challenge

I’ve been meaning to get serious about writing again for a while, and regularly updating this site has been a step in that process. Now comes the next step: inspired by a challenge that Mre B set herself successfully last year where she set out to write a short story every day.

In a moment of enthusiasm I said if she was successful, I would match that goal this year, story for story with her. So here we are. Just as well I was planning to do it anyway.

I’m not making any commitments about story length or style – we’ll just see how they come along, won’t that be exciting?

New Year’s Shenanigans

We don’t normally go out on New Year’s Eve, but that’s usually down to a lack of planning rather than desire. This year though, we had a message from the Charleesi, inviting us out with the ex-Lady M down The Plough.

We headed out, suddenly realising that this would be our first ever New Year’s Eve out anywhere. It felt somewhat daunting, but I’m not exactly sure why. It can’t have been the company or the place, but nevertheless it felt decidedly odd. Perhaps it was just the change in routine.

As it was, it was a lovely evening. The Charleesi covered her mother in lemonade, fireworks were detonated, and loud people were loud without being too obnoxious.

I also chatted a lot with various people online between conversations – and so laid plans to see various people, plotted story ideas, arranged to see films, and generally set up the next few weeks of shenanigans.

I also renewed contact with a friend I’ve not heard from for a while, and we discussed in passing some of the oddities of my life. He contended that this change in routine was a good target for the year to come, and should be an aspiration for continuing to shake things up. It took only a small while to convince him that plans were already afoot to keep shaking things up – and that was before we got on to domestic arrangements.

A good start to the year, and a reminder to embrace changes in routine and live as awesome a life as possible. I may have lost track of that until recently.

Oh, did we start already?

I heard someone on the radio today saying that it didn’t feel as if the new year had quite started yet. This may be because of leave taken this last couple of weeks but it certainly chimed with me, even though I returned to work on Friday. I’ve certainly enjoyed my time off, despite the chaos that the richer diet has played on my waist and health. Returning to a leaner diet and sparser meals is probably not something that many people crave, but I already feel brighter for returning to having two good meals a day rather than grazing my way through the week.

We had a belated staff meal for the festive season last night, so of course the topic of resolutions came up. I was a little stumped for a moment, before I remembered that I don’t do resolutions. Instead, prompted by Lady M’s practice, I set goals. So this year’s goals are:

1) To post something every day – which I’ve basically started these last few days, and which is already getting me thinking about how to manage my content and time more effectively.
2) To get my weight consistently below 15stone. I was about fifteen and a half stone before Christmas so there’s a bit if damage to undo. Not only am I enjoying being thinner, but it helps me manage my diabetes more efficiently.
3) To finish and self-publish a collection of short stories, because I’ve already started and it will demonstrate to myself that I can complete complex targets. If it sells any copies, well that will be a bonus.
4) To finish the novel and start trying to find an agent to help me sell it and the ideas for follow-ups that I have. I didn’t manage it last year through a combination of other work and distractions, but I did break the back of my projected word count so I need to press on both with new material and transcribing what’s in the notebooks. Current estimate is that I’m around the 80k-90k mark.

So there we go. Busy year to come, and I’m going to be awesome, dammit!

Good Morning 2015

I’ve just woke up with a clear head, so well done 2015 so far. This is a good start. You’re still on probation, but keep this up and that’ll look good on your report.

Settling down last night, Lady M mused “What are we going to do with 2015?” My response was instant, bombastic and made her laugh:

“We’ll make it cry before our awesomeness!” So, no pressure on ourselves or anything. It does sound like an excellent challenge though: to push harder, enjoy the weirdness and embrace the change and opportunities before us.

I suppose getting out of bed and making breakfast will be a good place to start. Might even put some clothes on too!

End of the year

So farewell 2014, and hi 2015. We’ve had a bit of a wobbly journey, but overall it’s not been too bad for us on a personal level. Certainly, compared to some of the previous recent years it has been a huge improvement. We’ve had enough to eat, and hardly any angsting over bills, so that’s been good.

Death Eaters Anonymous

We’ve had some grand adventures, with Disney, Universal and Busch Gardens in Florida doing their best to shake us up. The Kennedy Space Centre is a place that will stay vividly in my mind’s eye for quite some time.  We did the Thorpe Park Fright Night in costume, and then attended Comiccon for the first time, attending as a family of Death Eaters.

All in all, a pretty good year, especially with new friends made and job opportunities coming along for Lady M. I even made enough from the writing to have to pay some tax on my earnings, which feels strangely novel as an achievement.

Lady M’s foot continues to heal, while my depression and PTSD have occasionally flared up enough to have to take notice of them, but grim determination and stubbornness are a great set of tools. So we keep on keeping on.

What does 2015 bring? The new job for Lady M starts on Monday, and there are restructures at the library too, so there may be opportunities there. Otherwise I’m considering applying for some technical author roles and looking into training as a counsellor, so hopefully some of those will bear fruit as I finish the novel. I’m also intending to self publish some short stories this year, so I’d better get cracking on completing those too

So, come on 2015, let’s see what you’re made of!

Happy New Year

If nothing else, be happy to spite the weather, because its cold, wet and windy here. We’ve actually quite enjoyed having a quiet Christmas and New Year break – even if it has been slightly enforced by Lady M’s injury. While I enjoy the feel of a blustery breeze and light rain on my face, I’m content to be sitting here in the warm.

My daughter is playing on Minecraft – using the various books we got her this Christmas as inspiration to get to grips with the intricacies of redstone – and I can hear the tapping of a keyboard from the next room, which could signify either poetry editing, work on a course or quiet blogging.

Whatever you’re doing in these first few days of the New Year, I hope it’s as quiet and peaceful as you like and that all is safe and well with you. Now, let’s try and make this year a better year than the last one, shall we?