A face in the chaos

Collected here are short stand-alone stories, fiction fragments and early drafts for longer stories that may or may not see the light of day in another format.

I went on a bit of a rampage a couple of years ago to try and write something every day. I didn’t succeed, but I’ve put them up here and rounded in everything else I can find that I’ve also put together. New stuff will be posted initially as blog posts, and then edited up at some point to go in here to make it easier to find them.

Not everything I write is going to be posted up here – mostly so that I can reserve the right to hide some of my misfires – but the plan is to then collect some or all of them and make them available as a printed book for purchase down the line by anyone who would like to have something on their shelves.

So far this area contains:

  • Fiction Fragments – which are either bits scribbled in corners of journals or first drafts of extracts from longer pieces
  • Hidden Sunbury – which are mythos pieces for the novel that I’m still grinding my way through
  • One or Two Liners – a page of concepts and writing prompts that have rattled from my brain and onto the pages of a notepad or two.
  • Short Stories – standalone pieces of varying length and genre.

Enjoy (hopefully) and leave me some comments and feedback if the mood strikes…

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