Hidden Sunbury: The Moving Memorial Stone

In parkland near the Thames lies a stone carved to commemorate a Royal Jubilee. What is rather odd is that it never seems to be in the same place on any subsequent visit. Quite why it keeps up a migratory path within the Sunbury parkland is – as yet – undiscovered, but there are whispers that there is a gateway to another Realm nearby that bends local geography like the proverbial rubber sheet.

If this gateway is a hidden entrance to fairy realms, it might explain why something set with the seal of a mundane monarch keeps being moved so as not to upset the royalty of that other place.

No one has ever seen the stone moving, or being transported, during it’s time in the park. Cameras trained on the area for security seem to burn out with distressing regularity, suggesting that this is not a question of quantum mechanics however. Someone, or something, does not want to be seen moving the marker around.

This may not seem to be too important in the grand scheme of things, but the site of the original Nine Stones of Staines has been forgotten, as if erased from local memory and record. Even with the guardian stones displaced, the weak spot in the world that they marked is still there, so the confusion of boundaries and markers in the area may be the sign of more sinister plans – or the side effect of some unseen battle obfuscated by fae glamour. Time may tell, because no one else seems able to notice.

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