Waking From A Dream

“The dream-sages of Fherren reminded him of everything he had forgotten while trapped in the clinging amber of the waking world; and slow tears began to run down his furrowed cheeks as the splendid vistas of his past rekindled in his mind’s eye with gelid inevitability.”

The words echoed through my mind as I resurfaced into wakefulness. The bed showed all the signs of a restless night; the bedside clock warned that it hadn’t actually been very long at all – and that I had plenty more to look forward to. I really had to stop reading Lovecraft before bedtime. I noted with equal annoyance that my partner was still fast asleep and that the top corner of the fitted bed-sheet had sprung loose from under my pillow so that it had lumped up under the small of my back. There was no avoiding it; I was going to have to get out of my pit and sort it out.

Maybe that would wake her up and I could share the grouchiness and discomfort like a total Grinch. A slow smile spread across my face as I considered it – and then common sense prevailed. I quite liked not sleeping on the couch.