You might think that it’s an easy life, living with two determined kittens, but let me tell you it definitely has its moments. The purring is very cute, but I swear they’re in competition for how loudly they can trill at each other.

It’s all good natured, and you could be forgiven for forgetting they’re natural born killers, but the way they sometimes circle me can make me suddenly understand what a bird on a bird table feels like. All attention is on me, and every move considered.

All things considered they’re pretty low-maintenance though. They keep themselves occupied in the day, though they definitely have their distinct territories. It’s not like they fight when they enter each other’s places, there’s just an enhanced attention, for lack of a better description.

The competitive purring is definitely a distraction though. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, though there’s certainly communication going on, because sometimes it sounds like a call, or a challenge. At times I swear it’s a tease as one or the other distracts the other to settle in place before they can gather themselves to leave.

It doesn’t work on me, they didn’t need telling or any kind of demonstration. They have other ways they can distract me, it didn’t take them long to work that out. Instead when I have to go out, they just call my name as they bid goodbye.

I’m still getting used to the purring though.