The Kiss

I kissed you in my dreams again last night, caught in a quicksilver moment between a memory of the day and a phantasy of tomorrow. Even now I can remember the press of your mouth on mine and the gentle roughness of your lips. A never-ending promise of acceptance and joy, of presence and relief.

Dreams are meant to be fleeting, fluid and forever fading as they retreat from inspection, but in that moment all was still and I knew peace. Hands met and fingers laced, while smiles shared lit the air around us. Then a black cat twined like silk around my ankle and the moment was gone.

I looked again and I was standing in a field and you were elsewhere, leaving me with an echo of your taste and the trace of your heat in my limbs. My dream settled into something new and swept me away; but when I woke I knew I would search for you again. I’ll keep doing it, just as I know you will too, because love like dreams knows no logic.