Week 12 – Time For The Big Guns

I’d better get last week’s writeup done before this week starts, as it was one huge rolling fight that we’ll be picking up straight away this evening.

We’d left the previous session with an initial assault that had alerted the whole compound and brought the garrison bundling towards us. Summoned allies (a veritable deluge of grey oozes from the castle forecourt’s well, no less) tied up most of the reinforcements at a narrow chokepoint, while our fighters fought a meatgrinder of a fight against giants where we had breached the outer wall.

The party mage decided to bolster the physical fight by hunkering down and summoning a large earth elemental to act as a combat proxy, while the ranger got to the battlements and began sniping enemy spellcasters with rapid efficiency.

Giants in the reinforcements widened the chokepoint by smashing down walls, and things began to look dire for our adventurers until the cleric remembered he still had a limited wish use stores in the crown taken from the lich in our first adventure. He used this to create the effects of a Death Spell, hoping to at least take out a couple of giants.

With remarkable timing, the fighters took down the last of the.giants at the breach, which sent the Death Spell barreling through the orcs and ogres and associated humanoids that had just finished off the summoned grey oozes. The result of this was most of the remaining garrison suddenly dropping dead.

It will probably not be a great surprise to hear that the rest of the garrison took this opportunity to run away.

This left only our target and his hardcore lieutenants to find. Taking a cue from the earlier property damage, we sent the earth elemental to bring down the nearest wall to clear a path and act as a bulldozer while we used it for cover.

The appearance of blade barriers and the destruction of the earth elemental broke our charge and nearly spelled disaster. The true battle was about to begin.

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