Week 13 – The Stronghold

And so, on with the fight we went, warriors trading blows with duegar and rogue dwarf lieutenants, troll shamen, goblin assassins and a small horde of fleeing minions. It was really all coming down to the wire this week. A wererat summoned by the mage wreaked havoc among the lesser minions and nearly made the cleric need to change his shorts; while the party’s kobold thief and master of poisons found himself evenly matched with the goblin assassin who seemed to be immune to pretty much every noxious substance thrown at him. (Well, he certainly made a series of excellent saves in quick succession).

The tide of the battle seemed to largely turn thanks to a successful casting of Hold Monster by the mage, which took enough of the lieutenants out of action for long enough for the party to rally, though the target was able to scurry out the way and take cover. We had a moment or two to pause and then the party’s old nemesis, the demon Ferrikus, reappeared. This time he possessed the kobold (“yes, it’s true, I’ve always wanted to be a dragon”), and prioritised the paladin of our group for some percussive maintenance.

In the meantime, our dwarven target was trying to negotiate for his life and freedom, claiming to be able to call off the demon and to be able to pay the group off with a million gold coins – his payment for betraying the country to the orcish invasion. In almost the same moment, the doughty warriors of the party defeated the demon and demanded the dwarf’s surrender. Despite some last minute attempts at evasion, he was quickly tracked and cornered in his vault, a successful capture and one less traitor running around.

Our next target? A goblin poisoner, currently believed to be in hiding in the Thieves Guild back at the capital city. Plans to draw him out of hiding are now being hatched…

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