Week 14 – Rolling It All Up

The last two weeks of our adventures in the lands of Croomik went by quickly. They largely became big set piece battles as we caught the last remaining architects of the Orcish invasion.

One battle took place in the docks of a crowded town, and nearly ended the wizard’s career as psionics were pitched against magic. The production of a huge spherical wall of force held a fleeing ship in place, preventing what could have been an extended chase across the oceans.

The second fight was a chase through thick forest, and included  the defeat of an elder black dragon that had been aiding the last of the plotters.

Most of the forest survived, despite hellhounds, dragon breath and spells of every flavour being tossed around.

The heroes had completed their mission, so now what? Well, tomorrow brings my picking up the GM duties for the first time in some fifteen years or so. It’s been so long, I actually can’t remember the last time, aside from a couple of sessions run with Lottie and Lady M a couple of years ago.

So fingers crossed, and all that. Maps have been drawn, tokens selected, and most people have a character rolled up already. We have a couple of new people joining us too, so we’ll be giving the system a good test, with eight people at least around the virtual table.

So, no pressure or anything…

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