Week 6 – Out Of The Catacombs

We ended last week with a lich experiencing death by monk, and the aftermath of battle with hordes of undead. Scooping up the crown, ring and rod of the lich in case someone stumbled across them later, we found that our ranger had died in combat (his player being unable to continue playing due to real world issues).

We then discovered a prisoner in the form of a dwarven adventurer who had been tortured (a new player joining the fray), so our numbers were maintained.

We paused to rest so that spellcasters could rearrange their loadouts, and engage in general headings and restorations requires by frontline warriors (well, ok, by my monk) before pressing on out of the catacombs through a storm grate that led to an open courtyard on the surface.

A distinct lack of planning and communication then led us to an invisible mage sneaking out of the grate to gather information and sabotage the defences of the massed orcs and goblins encamped there.

Amid calls for the wizard to “just fill the courtyard with fire”, the monks moved to attack whatever was closest, to tie defenders up while the rest of the group made their way out. Battle was joined, and reinforcements began appearing, including a hulking giant and an orc shaman. The wizard’s sleep spells made the number of active combatants more manageable, while the giant and shaman became a priority target. As the giant fell and the shaman was silenced, we ran out of time for the session.

On a technological note, we started the session by using the experimental voice tools, but even with everyone using up to date Chrome and Firefox browsers it didn’t work well. We reverted to the Flash-based tools, had a couple of crashes and had everyone restart their browsers before carrying on.

Our GM only deleted on person by mistake this session, but as it was our new player we treated it as a rite of passage for him. We did use the GM’s jukebox successfully though, so I think we’ll be using that more from now on.

I’m going to miss the next three sessions as I’m on honeymoon, but I’ll update the story on my return.

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