Week 8 – The New Adventure

It’s been a busy week (somehow), so I’m later than I wanted with writing up this week’s session. We’d left off in the aftermath of a pitched battle at the entrance to the compound inhabited by our target, having defeated a small army of orcs, ogres, summoned elementals and constructs with a side order of aquatic trolls. Having secured the entrance we rested up before pressing on.

This adventure is very much an old fashioned dungeon crawl – and as such there’s something very refreshing about being faced with largely static set piece encounters, fiendish traps and logic puzzles (that I am absolutely dreadful at solving. This does nothing to enhance the reputation of the wizard I’m playing.)

Where Combat Rules
Where Combat Rules

The winner of the “unplanned pratfall victim” award this week had to be the party member clambering over a fallen boulder to attack a target in a trap-defended room just as my wizard cast a passwall spell that effectively made the boulder flow away to each side of him. Cue a Wiley Coyote moment of running on thin air…

The target in this case was a henchman of the wizard we were chasing, a half orc cleric of vile repute. What he was doing in this particular area we didn’t actually find out, as a bit of luck with holding spells and a tactical use of telekinesis both neutralised him and drew him across the room, bypassing the traps liberally laid out around the room until they could be systematically cleared by the group’s more rogueish members.

After a quick side trip that revealed my wizard’s new familiar, we delved deeper into the dungeon, defeating vorpally equipped opponents. One of our group was somewhat hampered by losing an arm in the process. A brief but intense debate was then needed about how to help our stricken comrade. With no suitable spells currently available to the cleric, it looked like we might need to send him back to civilisation until a bit of fast talking brought us a compromise and my wizard polymorphed him into… himself. Very much a stop-gap and bends a few rules, but in the interest of not ruining the flow of the game it was allowed until a more appropriate cure could be arranged.

With this workaround in place, we carried on, working out math-based traps and encountering a number of mimics. Proving that experience is a subjective thing, the same person was caught out by the mimics three times in a row, to much general hilarity. That hilarity was somewhat stifled when we found our exit from the sewers blocked by an enormous slime creature with rather greedy tentacles. An epic series of explosions, the slicing and removal of tentacles as fast as they were spawned and some creative uses of cure disease later, the guardian beastie was no more, and we could rest a moment before continuing.

Our adventure continues tomorrow…

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