Characters And Notable Individuals

No epic adventure would be complete without the protagonists on both sides of the story. The world of Eberron is one where buckles are regularly swashed, and the heroes are definitely larger than life – even those who are somewhat shorter in stature. In this section I present the good, the bad and the misguided that have graced our adventures so far…

The Good?

  • Bumperklart Ap Uther – Chaotic Neutral Human warrior, devotee of Dol Dorn
  • Darmon Dresvin – Lawful Good Elven evoker in the employ of House Cannith
  • Keil – Neutral Shifter druid with a primal focus
  • Koff Ballworker – Chaotic Good Half-Orc barbarian, devotee of Dol Dorn
  • Kurtis Dryler – Neutral Changeling rogue
  • Quilynn Woodsheart – Neutral Halfling cleric of Balinor
  • Ruin – Neutral Warforged druid
  • Theodore Westhill – Neutral Good Human bard

The (Mostly) Bad

  • Baasa Feen – Yuan-Ti Abomination
  • Cutlass – Warforged Fighter who led the assassination attempt on Lady Elaydren at the Broken Anvil Inn
  • Cutter – Warforged Rogue
  • Darkblade – Warforged Rogue
  • Garrow – Changeling Cleric of the Blood of Vol
  • Kaela – Human Fighter, leader of the Emerald Claw expedition to the Rose Quarry
  • Keltis Doran – Dwarven Cleric of the Blood of Vol, attached to the Rose Quarry Emerald Claw expedition
  • Lucan – Vampire Master Spy
  • Mallora – Human Necromancer, attached to the Rose Quarry Emerald Claw expedition
  • Saber – Warforged Mercenary – encountered in the forgotten House Cannith forge below Sharn
  • Scimitar – Warforged Assassin
  • Tember Fayne – Halfling Bandit Chief

Everyone Else

  • Barmin Genn – Gnomish clerk at the nearest House Sivis message house to the Red Serpent
  • Beryll Tammen – Halfling Front of House Manager at the Red Serpent
  • Debbin – Half Orc bouncer at the Red Serpent, brother to Diythin
  • Diythin – Half Orc bouncer at the Red Serpent, brother to Debbin
  • Sgt Dolom – Sergeant in the Sharn Watch
  • Lady Elaydren of House Cannith – Occasional Patron to the adventurers
  • Failin (Formerly of House Orien) – Smuggler based in Rhukaan Draal
  • Gear – Ruin’s animal companion
  • Hebe – Human cook at the Red Serpent
  • Rorsa – Intelligent Dire Wolf
  • Skakarn – Merchant and Fence in the Goblin Market

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