Notable Locations

Our adventures in Eberron have taken the adventurers to a number of strange and wonderful locations – from the depths below Sharn, to elemental ships flying high above the clouds. The desolation of the Mournland has felt their presence, as have ambassadorial parties, elegant lightning rails and long-deserted ruins.

Here are some of the key locations discovered, explored and in some instances looted by our plucky protagonists. Where possible, I’ve included the base maps used for the encounters behind the links with more details:

  • Dorasharn Forge Cavern – an abandoned House Cannith Forge deep below Sharn.
  • House Cannith Townhouse – One of Lady Eladryn’s residences, scene of a house invasion.
  • Giants’ Observatory Beach – a brief encounter between the adventurers and Emerald Claw guards in the middle of the Xen’Drik jungle
  • Marguul Pass – scene of an ambush on the way to Darguun.
  • Rose Quarry – on the borders of the Mournlands, this old House Cannith quarry held clues to the location of Whitehearth Mine.
  • Sewer Valves – an ambush by shifter mercenaries below Sharn.
  • Sharn Bridge Encounter – where it all began
  • The Bloody Market – hobgoblin market near the Mournlands
  • The Broken Anvil – first base of operations for the adventurers when they first reached Sharn
  • The Cog Temple – home to a venerated Warforged cleric who has been offering spiritual aid and guidance to Ruin
  • The Dawn Petal – a skyship which served as both transport and battle ground in the search for Lucan.
  • The Greenhouse – a property owned by the Breland Secret Service and used by them to audition and brief the adventurers. The trees within it serve as long range communication devices through druidic magics.
  • The Rat Market – a makeshift and mobile market deep in the slum depths of Sharn
  • The Red Serpent Inn – bought by the adventurers in Sharn, and now their base of operations
  • The Ziggurat – an old goblin temple to forgotten gods, where the group cornered Lucan.
  • Trolanport Airdocks – site of a desperate battle to catch Lucan before he could escape on an elemental airship
  • Trolanport Aundarian Embassy – a masquerade ball was the location of attempts to head off contact between Lucan and an old ally. The map here is of the general reception hall that held the dance floor and a small raised dais for the musicians
  • Trolanport Warehouse Ambush – an unexpected ambush by sahuagin took place among the canals of the gnomish sea port while the group was hunting the missing Black Lantern agent known as Lucan.
  • Whitehaven Mine – Hiding place for a secret laboratory operated by House Cannith before the fall of Cyre.
  • Whitehearth Facility – hidden beneath an abandoned mine on the outskirts of the Mournlands, an old House Cannith research facility.

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