Rose Quarry

map68x88This enormous map represents a ruined town on the edges of the Mournlands. During their first big adventure, the group made their way here in search of the location of the Whitehearth facility and battled fiercely through a number of encounters before arranging transport with a rogue House Orien operative and his elemental-powered cart.

The entire town, situated on the edge of an old quarry that had provided the distinctive Rose Marble used in many House Cannith official buildings, was covered in what appeared to be solidified glass that seemed to have flowed over and through the settlement like a tidal wave. Only two sturdy stone buildings seemed to have survived.

The sounds of digging and scraping echoed through the night, and fires showed where an Emerald Claw fighting force had set camp, so the group began to make their way carefully through the slippery ruins. They found reanimated dwarven corpses set to digging through the ruins, and from overheard conversations worked out that the leaders of the cultists were also searching for something here.

A huge and extended running battle took place all over this map, with clusters of forces being drawn to the conflict or lost in the ruins over time and the confusion of night combat. They eventually found the clues they were looking for, and fled before a massing army of undead that appeared to be controlled by a vampiric cleric of the cult.

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