Trolanport Airdocks

floor plan of the elevated dock and airship used in this encounterThis was a very quick and dirty combat map for a raised gantry and platform leading to an airship that was in the process of casting off. The adventurers were hot on the trail of Lucan after his escape from the masquerade ball at the embassy.

Tickets pickpocketed from him at the event had named the Dawn Petal, headed for Karrnath, as his transport – so they made their way as quickly as possible to try and intercept him.

When they got there, the ship was in the process of moving off, so they had moments in which to run along the elevated pier and try to jump aboard. Unfortunately, their vampire target had dominated the gnomish dockworkers to prevent them from passing, and so a quick and desperate battle was joined.

The players started at the top of the map in the roofed area, and the area at the bottom of the map represents the airship, connected by a small gangplank and the docking berth itself. The yellow marks represent everburning lanterns that provided illumination in the night sky.

Call lightning spells and summoned hipogriffs featured in the seconds that followed (remember that a combat round lasts approximately six seconds), and the group was able to make their way on board, just as it slipped its moorings. They then had to convince a rather angry captain and his crew to let them stay on board, rather than be thrown back…

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