Trolanport Aundarian Embassy

embassymap15x21The hunt for Lucan led the adventurers to a masquerade ball held at the Aundarian Embassy. At this point, the adventurers were beginning to suspect that their target was not human any more, and the sunset start to the ball only strengthened their suspicions.

The entrance at the south was strongly guarded, with all tickets being inspected. A combination of sleight of hand, diplomacy and invisible sneaking around eventually got them through the doors and into the large reception hall beyond.

A large dance floor and a raised dais for musicians were the main features, with another exit to the north being used only by embassy staff. Further tables and chairs and a specially constructed bar completed the decorations. When all hell broke loose and the guests started to run for the exit, the open plan and narrow choke points made for a chaotic battlefield.

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