Week 10 – Revelations in the Dark

By this point, the adventurers were getting quite spooked by everything going on around them. Gravity-defying obelisks, statues with too many, or not enough, sides, floorplans that didn’t quite seem to have enough elevation or steps to account for height differences between locations, and a growing sense of unnatural horror had begun to unnerve them.

Dust seemed to be floating in the air in greater amounts than normal, swirling gently around the fallen madman’s body, so they decided to investigate the rungs leading up to the junction of the inverted obelisk and the needlepoint column it rested on. The hope was that they could get out of here quickly before something else unpleasant happened. They could tell there was something at the junction of the two stone elements, but not what it was – something was magically concealing the object.

They then remembered that they had found some objects along with Madrigal that they had previously just swept into a bag. Ascending back into the relative warmth of the complex above, they set about identifying the other items excavated and worked out that one of the objects was a torch enchanted to reveal hidden items in the temples of a certain unnamed deity. The name of the deity seemed obscured by a mental static when the identifying spell was cast, so that was a mystery they hoped to uncover.

Back down into the frozen cavern they went, this time properly wrapped up against the elements, and Bumperklart ascended the iron rungs to light the torch. By it’s eerie light, he saw a gem, hanging in space, so after a mental coin toss, he reached out to try and take it. Instead, it took him, and the torch fell to the floor as he disappeared.

At the same time, the dust congealed around the madman’s corpse, and it rose as a Dust Wight, infused with negative energies as a sort of undead earth elemental. The warforged rushed to intercept it and discovered a petrifying field around it. The warriors shook off it’s effects, but the druid Ruin began to turn to stone. Quick thinking allowed him a chance to counterspell the effects and feeling and life returned to his limbs, and the lumbering horror was quickly felled by the powerful warriors arrayed against it.

Meanwhile, Spugnoir had been guarding the top of the pit shaft, and was surprised to see Bumperklart stepping out of thin air next to him. He claimed to have been taken to a dark featureless vault where a voice commanded him to seek out the heart of the four moons to sunder a prison. An apple then appeared in his hand, and he’d eaten it, growing stronger through some strange boon. The rest of the party rejoined them and decided that the cavern needed to be sealed, it was just too strange and dangerous.

The pit was resealed and the flowing waters quickly refilled the pool, hiding all trace of the hidden temple. They decided instead to finish off the remaining unexplored tunnel in the complex before facing the ghoul caverns, which they feared contained something else evil, and possibly related to the temple they had just left.

A short skirmish with cockatrices nesting in an old barracks that showed signs of an old battle followed, leaving the group debating about whether they should venture into the warrens or not.

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