Week 3 – Islands in the Mist

After a couple of weeks away, we’ve restarted the campaign, and found something approaching a direction. In game terms, the adventurers had a week of sneaking around and trying to get the lay of the land. Were they being actively targeted by their old employer? Did people know they were back? What should they do with the divided elements of the schema? And most importantly, should they sell the pub, buy a bigger ship, and make a run for it?

To help them make their decision, I asked them to define who actually had custody of each part, noted that one piece had already been thrown overboard and then challenged the players to tell me what they were doing to safeguard the items. One piece was hidden by Darmon, using his magics to create a safe place. Another piece was secretly traded to the Black Lanterns, who had hired them to track down Lucan. In return, their assistance in running interference on House Cannith’s spies was secured, along with offers of further employment and attempts to research the growing power of Blumperkart’s sword ‘Warder’.

The other parts remain with the party, for now, while they work out long term plans. They soon had more immediate things to consider. The Black Lanterns invited the party back to The Greenhouse, where they had auditioned for their previous job. Fortunately there was no Horrid Ape waiting for them, but instead a new person, who did not introduce himself.

The group was asked to sail their ship to a small group of islands on the edge of Sharn’s elemental manifest zone to find out what had happened to a Black Lantern courier. The courier had been expected back a couple of weeks ago from a meeting at an old fort that had been a pirate base in years gone by. There were rumours of a new group operating in the area who did not have the Kingdom of Breland’s best interests at heart, and so the group was asked to either rescue the courier or bring back his gold signet ring if he was dead. If any further information about this shadowy group could be determined, this would be a bonus. A flat finder’s fee was offered, along with the expectation that they could keep any loot retrieved from hostile forces or buried in the ruins.

A simple four day journey soon brought them to the flat, marshy island, and after mooring their ship a safe distance away, the group used the flying skiff liberated from the Emerald Claw at the Observatory to make their way to shore. They tied up at a small beach and made their way along an overgrown path towards the fort. When they got there, they found the wrecks of several small boats in the moat around it, and the drawbridge smashed. As they moved to investigate the wrecks, five giant, strangely misshapen frogs emerged from the waters and swamp vegetation to attack.

The fight was brief, with Yeeves nearly getting swallowed and fighting his way back out, and swift responses from the rest of the group. As each frog was slain though, it briefly became a writhing mass of tentacles before melting into a noxious goo. Surrounded by the stinking masses, the party stopped to consider their next move.

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