Week 4 – Lightning Strikes

The Moathouse - Temple of Elemental Evil
It’s a bit of a fixer-upper

So this was an action-packed session, which basically consisted of one huge combat in the way D&D games sometimes do. The adventurer were faced with the task of crossing the moat to the ruined arch of the fortress ahead of them, and spent a good five minutes working out the best way to get there. Some used the hull of a wrecked boat in the moat to get near enough to make heroic leaps for the safety of the gatehouse. Others climbed along the crumbling walls with the aid of grappling irons and a mighty disregard for personal safety. Yeeves the warforged warrior walked into the moat and climbed out the other side.

Then, when everyone else was across and looking slightly dishevelled, Keil the druid used magic to reshape the wooden boat hull into a simple bridge across the waters and everyone started throwing things at him in disgust. There were several variations on a theme of “why didn’t you do that earlier?” while Keil’s player grinned sheepishly.

A brief inspection of a broken tower beside the gates revealed only the carcasses of dead spiders and the remains of thick spider-webs, but with storm clouds gathering the hollow space didn’t promise any shelter. Instead they made their way towards the wide steps across the courtyard, hoping to find signs of their contact. Instead, a bellowed roar and a huge lightning bolt that struck most of the group announced the presence of a young adult blue dragon who was lairing inside the main building.

The dragon rushed out and took to the air just above them, using his wings to stir up a cloud of debris and dust that limited visibility while he hovered and struck out at the battered adventurers. Everyone pitched in, despite the fear caused by the dragon’s presence, with their bard’s singing helping to counter the dread. The fighters hacked away as best they could under the conditions, while Darmon unleashed the full strength of his magic with an enormous ball of fire in the air above the courtyard.

Stung by the pain of the assault, the dragon paused and retaliated with it’s own magic, sending Darmon’s scorched body tumbling into the wreckage, but in doing so it was betrayed by its own inexperience. Rather than taking further to the skies, it let itself stay within range of the rest of the group and they were able to cut the creature down before anyone else was killed.

Within the ruins of the castle itself, they found the bodies of two humans wearing clothing that suggested some strange cult that no one seemed to recognise, a small pile of treasures accumulated by the dragon as it was just settling, and a safe room in which they could recover. The druids announced that they would be able to offer Darmon’s spirit the option of reincarnation in the morning, so after setting snares and alarms they all settled down to rest.

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One thought on “Week 4 – Lightning Strikes

  1. Keil 04/06/2015 / 12:00 am

    Actually It was Ruin who wood shaped the wreck into a bridge, funnier because he had already swum across the river.

    Keil was just hanging back to protect / make sure the new Bard didn’t head to the boat and leave us stranded on the island…

    Liked by 1 person

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