Wartorn – Chapter Three

giant ruinsPart Three of the epic adventure that has seen the adventurers delving in deep dungeons and chasing opponents across the continent. Now there’s a race against time to the mysterious continent of Xen’Drik to stop the Order of the Emerald Claw from recovering technologies from the Age of Giants…

  1. Plumbing the Depths
  2. Take A Big Bite
  3. Fighting In The Streets
  4. Rumbles In The Jungle
  5. Trespassers Will Be Shot
  6. Closing On The Prize
  7. Trouble and Strife
  8. Something’s Burning
  9. Danger In The Dark
  10. Under Pressure
  11. Fireworks and Snark
  12. Somebody’s Mummy
  13. Monkeying Around
  14. Traps and Tracks
  15. New Friends
  16. Monster Mash
  17. Smackdown
  18. The Journey Home
  19. High Seas Shenanigans

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