Week 18 – The Journey Home

After the major knock-down and drag-out events of the previous week, this turned out to be a bit of a quieter affair. The journey back to the relatively civilized city of Stormreach went pretty smoothly. Nothing made more than a token attempt to eat them on their way back to the river, and with the flying skiff towed behind them, they felt pretty secure in having a better view of their surroundings than usual.

There was some debate about what to do with the various treasures and trinkets that they had plundered from the temple, but they decided to liquidate these assets in Stormreach rather than waiting until they got back to Sharn, even though they would likely get better prices in their home city. In all, a week or so was spent disposing of treasures and replenishing or upgrading equipment. It basically meant that we spent a good portion of the session checking the experience everyone had was up to date and correctly allocated, that the right bonuses were being applied from equipment and skills and generally do an audit of everyone’s characters. Some people found they’d been interpreting their equipment incorrectly, others found they’d been missing out on bonuses, so it all evened out.

With that done, we had everyone line up to get back on a ship to head back to the mainland. They still had to decide what to do with the sentient artifact currently trapped in their rucksack, but the general consensus was that the confines of a ship, out on the open seas, would be a more secure location than the middle of a magically rich metropolis.

The wild continent still had one more surprise for them however as they prepared to board the ferry to take them to their ship. Yuan-ti cultists connected to the group encountered on their way to the temple used this opportunity to spring a revenge ambush. Led by a pureblood slayer yuan-ti, the cultists were largely outclassed by the party. What they did do though was serve as a distraction for the slayer, who was nearly able to kill Keill with a rapier posioned with giant scorpion venom. The slayer escaped in the confusion, and will no doubt make another attempt in the future.

Wasting no more time, the adventurers set off into the open sea.

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