Week 5 – Sky Pirates

And so the Dawn Petal soared into the night sky with its cargo of exhausted adventurers, bemused minor nobility, wary aerial sailors and possibly a fugitive vampire on board. After gathering in the cabin assigned to them, plans were hatched to try and work out where the master of disguise could be.

line art depiction of an Eberron elemental airship
Definitely not just falling with style

They spent a good few hours healing up and mixing with the other passengers – encountering card players on the deck, promenading couples and an elegant dining room – and decided that their best efforts would be spent trying to identify Lucan’s sister.

Attempts to narrow down the search magically had seemed to suggest that he wasn’t on the ship – or at least wasn’t registering as undead, so they began to run on the assumption that he was either wearing something that magically warded him, or was possibly stored in something that was blocking their attempts to find him with magic.

In a lull in their debate, they noticed that someone was trying to pick the lock on their cabin door. It turned out to be an investigator attached to the Order of the Silver Flame who was trying to work out why the Blood of Vol were interested in the group. He too was hunting Lucan, and he claimed that the Blood of Vol had been behind Lucan’s transformation into a vampire. He proposed an alliance, which was reluctantly accepted by the party’s Shifter and Changeling members.

It was at this point that they noticed a second elemental-powered airship closing on them from the city they’d not long left behind. They went to warn the captain, just as a cry went up from deckhands that sky raiders were approaching. Warning all passengers to head below, the captain ordered battlestations, but didn’t object to the party helping to defend the ship either. Kurtis took the opportunity to filch the passenger manifest to try and locate their targets.

Airship flying through the clouds with a ring of magical flame around it
Flying through the clouds, powered by an elemental

Two skiffs full of Emerald Claw troops landed on the main deck, under cover of archers firing from another skiff that stood a distance away from the Petal. A third skiff rammed into one of the ballista bays on the passenger deck, and more troops began to fight aboard from there. The party found itself split between decks, trying to grab equipment or fight off boarders.

Keil used a Shape Wood spell to block the central corridor from the third skiff’s troops, sending them instead down into the cargo bay. Meanwhile the rest of the party and their new ally fought on the main staircases and the open deck, whittling away at attackers even as deck hands and passengers were cut down. Kurtis used his stolen manifest to find Grilsha’s room and used his natural Changeling abilities to pretend to be a member of the crew ordering her to find safety or fight to protect the ship. As she left her room, he tried to see if a coffin was in there, but was distracted by screams from the cargo hold.

Something unpleasant had woken up, and we had a cliffhanger to last us until next week…

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