Week 15 – The Final Battle

Our shell shocked adventurers decided that they needed rest, and gambled on the dawn only being a few hours away. The reasoning was that this would prevent Lucan from fleeing the ziggurat just yet as the nearest settlement was quite some way away.

After a dismal few hours waiting for the dawn in the flooded crypt, they set out with a plan in mind. They would use crushed garlic paste to block doors and openings behind them, except for the airshaft and the crypt. That way if Lucan evaded them, or they killed him, they would be able to force him to go straight to the crypt and so they could administer final blows quickly.

Kurtis scouted ahead of the party, and aside from an initial mishap with a mantrap, succeeded in identifying and neutralising a number of traps that Lucan had set in the intervening hours to harass them. With protective wards against possession cast on the fighters, Keill the druid covered in an invisibility to undead spell, and bull’s strength cast on Blumperkart, they pressed on up to the top of the ziggurat.

There they found Lucan, resting on a throne before a chipped and battered statue to the long-forgotten demonlord who had been worshipped here thousands of years before. Summoning more swarms of bats, he instantly leapt to the attack, the enchanted blade still at his side. The bats surrounded and nauseated most of the party, while the fighter succeeded in fending off Lucan’s energy draining grasp. The sword then emitted a wave of energy, causing a confusion effect.

Luckily this only affected Blumperkart, sending him running around the chamber, and a wild-shaped Ruin in the form of a small hunting dinosaur continued the fight against the vampire spy. A couple of lucky hits gave Lucan pause, but before he could do much more than run up on to the ceiling to get a bit of space between him and the party, Quilynn was able to strike him down with her strongest spell, a bolt of searing divine light.

Lucan was forced to turn into a gaseous form, and flowed into one of the nearby sarcophagi in the chamber, where he was staked and secured. The sword was taken from him and secured in their handy haversack in one of its extradimensional spaces so that no one could be affected by it – and then they made their way home.

Lord Viorr took both Lucan’s inert form and the sword back into custody, and the agreed payments were made, including Koff’s share, leaving the group to begin to pick up the pieces back at their inn.

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