Week 8 – Bats in the Belfry

We had slightly fewer people around the table this week, mostly due to work pressures and some sickness, so we parcelled roles out around the table, sorted out levelling up details as I’d given out experience for everything that had happened on the airship extravaganza, and then got started.

We did have a few technical hitches too – and it seems to be related to the upgrade I did to the 64-bit Chrome browser from the usual 32-bit installation. It now seems to rampage out of control when I launch the Hangout from the Roll20 page and run out of memory. Switching to using the Firefox client fixed the problem immediately, so I used Chrome to preview and display pdfs from my Google Drive in one window and ran the session from my main laptop screen.

Illustration of an Eberron Lightning Rail station
Familiar territory

Our intrepid adventurers gained access to Sterngate by basically walking up and knocking on the door, like any legitimate traveller. The guards let them in without comment, despite it being about three in the morning, no doubt because they’d just arrived from the direction of the two ships that had fallen out of the night sky a couple of hours ago.

A quick investigation determined that there was a train due to leave at eight in the morning, heading north. As this was the fastest way for Lucan to continue from here safely on his flight to Karrnath, they felt safe in retiring to an inn for a couple of hours to rest a while.

Passengers with tickets were being let on first, with cargo having been loaded through the night and so the party decided to queue and buy tickets rather than try and fight their way to a transport again. By the time they had done this, they were the last to enter the platform. As Theo the Bard stepped past the guards he noticed the same glassy eyed expression as the gnome dock workers that had attacked them at the skydocks in Trolanport.

It was obvious that their target was on board, as all four of the House Orien guards moved to attack the group. At the same time, two large swarms of bats descended from the rafters to hinder the adventurers, and the Lightning Rail began to activate. Swift swordplay and epic manoeuvring allowed the party to swiftly cut down the guards (with some incredibly good dice rolls by people who have been known to struggle a bit). The swarms of bats were swiftly neutralised by Keil the Druid, who summoned a brisk gust of wind that swept them aside and stunned them against the train itself.

Running quickly, the party managed to catch and board the train, just as it was ready to move off, heading North.

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